Our Link Trainer

Our Squadron is one of the few in the UK that has a working Link Trainer. It was recently restored and integrated into the Squadron Training Syllabus by Fg Off Schofield, C.I. Sumner & C.I. Hardy and is about 85% working as it did when it was first manufactured.

The Link trainer was originally built in 1941 to train pilots in World War II how to fly their aircraft using instruments alone. The Link Flight Trainer was developed by Edwin A. Link after getting his pilot’s license in 1927. The trainer allowed pilots to learn or improve flying skills without leaving the ground. Upgrades to the trainer emphasized flying by instrument rather than visual observation, supporting Link’s belief that flying in the future would not be limited to good weather and daylight only.

Cadets get the chance to fly the trainer either visually or on instruments only using a specially fitted blackout hood. All movements and compass headings are given to the cadet via radio and a special plotter, shown below draws the cadets progress on a map so they are able to see how well they performed.